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Kapten is a snus brand launched in 2013 by the Danish manufacturer AG Snus, which is a subsidiary of Assens Tobaksfabrik — a tobacco company that dates back all the way to 1864! Even though Kapten is a fairly new snus brand, its development is based on a wealth of information and manufacturing experience acquired over five generations!

AG Snus has done a fantastic job with Kapten as it’s a truly traditional snus with a modern twist that keeps it relevant and in competition with the latest brands on the market.

Kapten snus cans come with a full-sized catch lid so you don’t have to worry about disposing of your used portions, even if you’ve accumulated a few of them.

Exotic Flavours Delivered to Your Doorstep

The Kapten range is home to some of the most unique and exotic flavours you’ll find in the snus market. If you’re bored of the usual mint and menthol products, we recommend refreshing your palate with Kapten White Juniper, Bergamot, MINI mint, MINI melon, or MINI lingon (lingonberry).

Confused about which flavour to try? Browse through some of the reviews for each Kapten flavour on our product pages.

Buy Kapten Snus Portions Online in the UK, EU, and Globally

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Kapten White Juniper Standard ON SALE!Save 4.00 €

Kapten White Juniper

Price 27.90  31.90 € 2.79 € per can
Kapten White Mint Standard

Kapten White Mint

Price 31.90  3.19 € per can
Kapten MINI Mint Standard

Kapten MINI Mint

Price 31.90  3.19 € per can
Kapten Extra Strong White Mint Strong

Kapten Extra Strong White Mint

Price 32.90  3.29 € per can