Odens Extra Strong Loose

Odens Extra Strong Loose

Odens Extra Strong Loose

Manufacturer: GN Tobacco

Odens Extra Strong loose has classic dark tobacco flavor with some citrus aroma and a bit of smokiness.

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36,90€ For 10 cans (3,69€ per can)

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Odens Extra Strong loose review

We all know those lazy Sunday mornings, when sun shines through your window, no hurry, no stress and everything is almost perfect. At that very moment, man likes to have a good breakfast and top it off with some coffee. But what would be a morning coffee without a prilla of loose.

Odens extra stark lös does the job. It has an extra nicotine kick to wake you up and the taste...mmm, delicious! Opening the can, you see a full 42 grams of good tobacco. The grind is perfect, you can hand-bake it with ease or use a Prismaster if you are as lazy as me. 

Smelling the stuff, you will notice a dark tobacco with some citrus aroma and a bit of smokiness. Really appealing!

Taste is full, tobacco being in the centre of all of it and then that slight citrusy flavour which brings a bit of freshness into it. The mellow smokiness compliments these two major tastes and goes really well with morning coffee. Odens extra stark is perfect to start your day with.

P. Hanovec

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