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  • Kapten

    Kapten is a Snus from the Danish manufacturer AG Snus. The brand has a foundation based on knowledge from five generations of tobacco manufacturing. Kapten Snus was launched for the first time in 2013 and has since been constantly updated with new flavors. In our shop, you can find Kapten Snus in many different flavors such as bergamot (Kapten white), mint, melon, and juniper. If you are interested in what our Snus expert has to say about each Kapten flavor you can find reviews on the product pages.

  • Odens

    Odens Snus is a brand within the medium price segment for Snus. Odens is manufactured by GN Tobacco in Sweden. The Snus is available in many different flavors. We sell Odens Original Portion Snus, Odens Cold Extreme Portion Snus, Odens double mint extreme, Odens No3, Oden's Lakrits Portions Snus, Odens Clove Explosion White Dry, Odens Wintergreen extreme and more

  • Siberia

    Siberia is a unique Snus in many ways. The most remarkable is the extremely high nicotine content. The manufacturer GN Tobacco emphasizes that it is approximately 43 mg nicotine per gram in the White Dry version of the Snus. This nicotine strength is five times higher compared to normal strength Snus. 
  • SISU

    SISU is a Snus brand manufactured by AG Snus. Using a new process technology, the SISU Extreme White Dry Portion Snus offers a fast and efficient nicotine and taste release. AG Snus claims the effect of the nicotine even matches the strongest products on the market. The flavor of the Sisu Snus comes from menthol crystals that give a sharp and clear tone of spearmint. The crystals also provide a long lasting and evenly distributed flavor and nicotine experience. 

  • U Sample

    U Sample Snus brand is manufactured by AG Snus. The Snus is delivered in slim portions with high nicotine content and clear flavors. In our shop, you can find U Sample No. 15, with a taste of licorice and mint, and U Sample No. 7, with a sweet taste of mint. The product review can be found on the product page.

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