Kapten White Juniper

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Kapten White Juniper

Manufacturer: AG Snus
Flavour: Juniper
Portion size: Standard
Strength: Standart
Portions: 24
Portion weight: 0.7 gram
Nicotine content: 10 mg per portion
Snus per can: 16.8 grams

Kapten white juniper is a medium high flavoured portion snus with several herbs and a significant taste of juniper.

27,90€ For 10 cans (2,79€ per can)

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Kapten Enbär (Juniper) Snus review:

The culture of Swedish snus is heavily focused on certain traditional tastes and smells, one of which is juniper, in Sweden called „enbär“. Swedish main staple of juniper-flavoured snus is the well known Göteborgs rapé. But there is another, very interesting and tasty variation of juniper snus, Kapten enbär.

When you open the can and smell it, you will get surprised. This is not GR‘ by any means, this is something different. You smell juniper and pepper. Nothing less, nothing more. The flavour is where it really shines. Firstly you sense a mild juniper flavour with some herbal background, but the longer you have it in, the more flavours start developing. Very pleasant herbal sweetness being one of them and a pretty present bitterness of...wait for it...hops! Together with salt, that hoppy bitterness, sweetness, herbal notes and juniper, you get a full spectrum of flavours that create a full and complex taste.

Since this is a regular-strenght snus in white portion format, you can enjoy it for up to an hour and half. Portions are very soft and pretty full, providing a nice snusing experience.

If you want to pair it with some drink, Pilsen type of beer is the one to go, other being chamomile tea.

Enjoy this beauty, it’s not a smaller brother of GR‘, it’s a proper and original snus that has its own flavour. Enjoy Kapten enbär! 

P. Hanovec

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