Odens Organic Clove Explosion WD Portion

Odens Clove Explosive WD Portion

Odens Organic Clove Explosion WD Portion

Manufacturer: GN Tobacco
Flavour: Clove
Portion size: Standard
Strength: Extreme
Portions: 15
Portion weight: 0.85 gram
Nicotine content: 36 mg/g

Odens Clove Explosion White Dry offers the user strong and tasty tobacco mixture with a clear and spicy aroma of organically grown clove.

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35,90€ For 10 cans (3,59€ per can)

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Odens Organic Clove Explosion review

Seeking a really strong product with an original taste?

Clove explosion is all of it!

80% of high quality organic tobacco and 20% of the finest Indonesian clove in the pouch, this is a completely new entity in the world of smokeless tobacco.

Clove itself is a wonderful smelling spice that is used in many different ways to heal wounded gums. Whoever had an idea of mixing it with good quality tobacco deserves some credit. As soon as you open the can, you can smell Christmas. The clove comes right into your nostrils being followed by a mild tobacco character. When you put it under your lip, you will immediately feel the burning sensation and an amazing clove taste, which is slightly sweet, but still so incredibly natural. It comes in white and white dry portions, each of them has its own and I highly suggest trying both of them to see which one you like more. The white dry has more nicotine, softer pouch and the flavour last longer, where as the whites taste comes on quicker and is more bold.

Perfect combination for me is some nice cognac, this Snus and a cozy evening in front of a fireplace. It can’t go any better.

P. Hanovec

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