Odens Double Mint Extreme Slim WD

Sale! Odens Double Mint Slim Extreme WD

Odens Double Mint Extreme Slim WD

Manufacturer: GN Tobacco
Flavour: Mint
Portion size: Slim
Strength: Extra strong
Portions: 15-16
Nicotine content: 22 mg/gram

Odens Snus Double Mint Extreme White Dry Slim has a high nicotine tobacco mixture and chilly aromas of mint menthol. SLIM PORTIONS!

31,90€ For 10 cans (3,19€ per can)



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Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry Slim snus has strong and aromatic tobacco mixture with chilling aromas of mint oils. Extremely strong nicotine experience in dry portions and with lower moisture content in the snus = runs less than usual "White” portions and lasts longer. The slim portion feels comfortable and discreet under the lip.

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