U SAMPLE No 7 Slim Sweet Mint

U SAMPLE No 7 Slim Sweet Mint

U SAMPLE No 7 Slim Sweet Mint

Manufacturer: AG Snus
Flavour: Mint
Portion size: Slim
Strength: Strong
Portions: 24
Nicotine content: 17 mg

U SAMPLE is a brand introduced by AG Snus with high quality tobacco in white slim portions. No 7 from the series has a fresh taste of mint and vanilla. 

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38,90€ For 10 cans (3,89€ per can)

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U Sample no 7 slim sweet mint Snus review:

Mint flavour is the most widespread flavour on the market. There are strong and mild mints, spearmints, peppermints, menthols, you name it. But one really stands out with something unique and rare. It is U-Sample sweet mint. And what is so special about it? Keep reading, you will know.

The design of the can is something new. Elegant, grey can with a green-ish theme and a big U. When you open the can, you will see slim white portions that are really soft to the touch.

Smell it now.

Do you smell what I smell?

Yes, it’s mint. But what is in the background? Vanilla!

This is something special, something that doesn't quite fit in the wide mint category.

The taste is so gentle, with a nice cooling sensation. Mild peppermint taste followed by that sweet vanilla presence. Utterly delicious stuff! It lasts almost 2 hours and doesn't fade away at all.

When I write these reviews, I try to remain objective. I can’t now. Not being a mint fan, this one took my heart with how awesome it is. Do you want a drink recommendation to pair this with? Not gonna give you any, it’s best enjoyed on its own. Absolutely perfect.

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