Odens Original Portion

Sale! Odens Original Portion

Odens Original Portion

Manufacturer: GN Tobacco
Flavour: Original
Portion size: Standard
Strength: Standart
Portions: 18
Nicotine content: 9 mg/gram

Odens original portion flavour is dark, bold, rich tobacco with hint of pepper and smokiness. Just an awesome moist portions.

25,90€ For 10 cans (2,59€ per can)



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Odens Original review:

Dark, bold, rich tobbaco. Pepper. Smokiness. Some salt.

Odens original portion.
When you open this black, viking-themed can, big full gram portions appear.
The aroma is strong, manly, yet appealing. Smoky and peppery character blows into your nostrils, making you want to grab a portion and stuff up your lip. The taste is instant pepper. But give it a few more minutes, the simplicity is being slowly replaced by a very complex harmony of more or less subtle tastes, that compliment each other in a very pleasant manner. There is an upfront citrus taste, that is not sweet at all, which is just an excellent partner to the pepper. The other, very important one, is dark and bold tobacco, that balances the overall profile really well. To top it off, slight smokiness. As mentioned before, this is a snus for real men and it pairs nicely with dark beer, for example some stout. Flavour lasts about an hour and is full and satisfying. You want some right now?
Be men, snus Odens original!

P. Hanovec

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