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So you want to stop using tobacco products, but also want to keep the nicotine to make the transition easier. What do you do? Nicotine pouches, or nicopods, are your best bet.

Nicopods work just like traditional snus portions — they are tiny bags that you can place under your upper lip to enjoy a prolonged, 40-minute nicotine delivery coupled with a flavour of your choice. The key difference between the two is that nicopods do not contain any tobacco whatsoever.

No more stained teeth or bad breath! Now you can enjoy your daily dose of nicotine wherever you want, whenever you want, without worrying about the ill effects of tobacco.

But how do they work? How do tobacco free nicotine pouches contain nicotine?

A clever mix of plant-based cellulose fiber and tobacco-derived nicotine (not the same as tobacco) is synthesized and filled into tiny bags made of a unique fleece material. This gives us a product that replicates the same look, feel, taste, and effects as traditional snus, without the need of using moist powdered tobacco.

Who Should Use Nicopods

Nicotine pouches, or nicopods, are designed for a very specific group of users; people who want to go tobacco free with the help of a nicotine substitute. Doing this helps them to bypass withdrawal symptoms and eventually quit using tobacco products.

You can use nicopods to quit smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, using dip, or even Swedish snus if that’s what your goal is. They are clean, virtually harmless, and not nearly as addictive as tobacco products.

Not sure how it’s going to work? There’s only one way to find out.

Buy Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches Online in the UK, EU, and the Rest of the World

The more you enjoy your tobacco alternative, the higher your chances of quitting for good. That’s the reason why we only stock the best of the best nicotine pouch brands on the market.

Ready to make the switch? Browse our range of tobaccoless products below!

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