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Odens is one of GN Tobacco’s most popular Swedish snus brands as it delivers a great balance of price and quality. These are the go-to portions for many tobacco users for a good reason; they’re generously packed, they taste better with each drip, and they’re not nearly as harmful as American dip.

Along with portion snus, Odens also produces loose snus which is equally popular among smokeless tobacco users. Their portions come generously packed in premium-quality cans that feature a hinged catch-lid where you can store your used portions.

Another quality that makes Odens a crowd favourite is their massive variety of flavours!

Odens Snus: The One-Stop-Shop for Snus Lovers

The team at Odens understands that snus users like to mix things up every once in a while. For example, pairing lime flavoured portions with beers, enjoying a menthol-rich portion after the morning coffee, or perhaps, starting the day with a loose prilla. No matter your preference, Odens has you covered.

Loaded with a wide variety of flavours, the Odens range of snus has something for everyone. Whether you like your portions mild, strong, fruity, fresh, sweet, or spicy, you’ll find a future-favourite right here.

Some unique flavours from this range include:

Original (Tobacco)

Lakrits (Liquorice)


Clove Explosion


Lime, and many more.

Buy Odens Snus in the UK, Europe, and Globally

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Odens Original Portion Standard ON SALE!Save 5.00 €

Odens Original Portion

Price 24.90  29.90 € 2.49 € per can
Odens Cold Extreme White Dry Portion Extra strong ON SALE!Save 5.00 €

Odens Cold Extreme White Dry Portion

Price 29.90  34.90 € 2.99 € per can
Odens Double Mint Extreme... Extra strong ON SALE!Save 5.00 €

Odens Double Mint Extreme Slim WD

Price 30.90  35.90 € 3.09 € per can
Odens Extra Strong Portion Strong

Odens Extra Strong Portion

Price 34.90  3.49 € per can
Oden's Cold Extreme WD Slim Extra strong

Oden's Cold Extreme WD Slim

Price 35.90  3.59 € per can
Odens Cold Extreme Extra strong

Odens Cold Extreme

Price 35.90  3.59 € per can
Odens No 3 Original Portion Standard

Odens No 3 Original Portion

Price 29.90  2.99 € per can