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Portion snus / chew

  • About Taxfreesnus.com

    Taxfreesnus.com was born when we realized there was a big problem: high-quality Swedish snus was very difficult to find almost everywhere in the world, even in Europe. This is why, after more than a year of preparation, we launched Taxfreesnus in 2017.

    Here's why Taxfreesnus is the best place to buy real Swedish snus online:

    High-quality snus brands
    We stock only the highest quality snus brands from Sweden. We don't sell American brands like Camel or Skoal, as their quality is not comparable to genuine Swedish snus. You can buy any from our store and know beforehand that you'll get to enjoy top-quality snus.

    Always fresh
    We store the snus in custom made cold rooms, where the cans are kept at optimum temperature all the way until they are shipped to you. This guarantees that you get fresh, great tasting snus every time you order.

    Fast shipping times
    We are located in continental Europe. Thanks to this optimum location our shipping times are very fast. In most cases you'll get your snus in less than a week.

    Cheap prices
    Snus can be shockingly expensive in many parts of the world - and that's wrong. Before launching the store we worked very hard on every little business detail to make certain we could sell snus for great prices.

    We're happy to hear from you. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always contact us here.

  • What's The Best Snus of 2018?

    New to snus or need some fresh ideas on what to try? Here's some of our best sellers and top picks by our own snus experts.

    Odens Cold Extreme
    This strong and aromatic snus is a customer favorite. A particularly aromatic tobacco mixture combined with chilling mint oils.

    Sisu Extreme
    Another strong snus that our customers love. Sisu has a great ultra-minty flavor and a unique mechanism for extremely fast and high nicotine release.

    Siberia -80C Extremely Strong
    If you want strong snus, look no further. Siberia has the highest nicotine content of all snus and a fresh spearmint flavor to go with it.

    Kapten White Mint
    Kapten is a brand loved by Taxfreesnus customers. Its white mint is a fresh-tasting snus with a sweet peppermint flavor.

    Kapten Extra Strong White Mint
    While Kapten may be best known for its milder products, it can also do stronger snus. This one has more mint than tobacco flavor, leading to a fresh, cooling feel when you use it. Another nice plus is that Kaptens always puts more pouches in its cans than other brands, here you get 20 pouches per can.

  • Buying Snus

    Where do you deliver snus?

    We deliver Snus to Europe, EU and the rest of the world.

    Our online store sells and delivers snus to:
    EU, including
    - Germany (Deutschland)
    - Poland (Polska)
    - Netherlands (Nederland)
    - Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
    - Italy (Italia)
    - Denmark (Danmark)
    - Malta
    - Ireland
    - Cyprus (Kypros)
    - Hungary (Magyarország)
    - Belgium (Belgique)
    - Bulgaria (Republika Bulgariya)
    - & Rest of the EU
    Croatia (Hrvatska)
    Switzerland (Szweiz)
    & Rest of the world!


    Unfortunately we can't sell and ship to:



    How much does shipping cost?
    Nothing. Shipping is always free!

    We have negotiated great rates with our carrier, so you don't need to pay anything extra. There are no surprise shipping & handling fees waiting for you at the checkout, as shipping is always included in the prices you see. Note that you are responsible for any possible customs charges, duties and taxes that may occur.

    How long does it take to get my Snus?
    The expected delivery time is 3-6 business days (Monday - Friday) for EU & Europe and 7-14 business days for the rest of the world.

    We ship orders every business day. We hand your package to Correos, which delivers it to you in 3-14 business days depending on where you are in Europe or the world. Note that we are not responsible for delays in delivery caused by the carrier or in case of customs control.

    How do I pay for my order?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro debit and credit cards.

    For maximum security we use Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode and 3D Secure services. Your payments are processed instantly, there's no waiting involved.

  • Tips for Storing Snus

    Can snus go bad?
    Yes and no. Snus doesn't really go bad, but over time it starts to dry and slowly lose its flavor. The "best before" (bäst före) date you see stamped on the cans means that the product is best enjoyed before the date. It doesn't mean that it can't be used later, the snus just might not taste as good.

    How long will snus last?
    It depends on how you store it. Without freezing it (see below) snus lasts about 6 months before it starts to go old. Different brands stay good different times, around 4 to 12 months. Siberia is the longest lasting and stays good 1 year from production date ("Tillverk", as it says on the can in Swedish). Loose snus goes old quicker than pouches, because loose snus is higher in moisture than portion snus.

    What's the best way to store snus?
    Cold in general and freezer especially. Freezing keeps the moisture in your snus and prevents it from drying out. How your snus tastes like is regulated by how moist it is, so freezing also preserves the flavor.

    How long will snus last in freezer?
    A very long time. If you freeze your snus, it will still be good at least a year its "best by" (bäst före) date.

    How do you use frozen snus?
    If you store your snus in a freezer, let it thaw before using it. Letting the snus thaw makes the pouches feel much nicer (not like sucking on an ice cube!) and makes certain your snus tastes as it should. Thaw the snus by leaving it in room temperature for at least 15 minutes or fridge for 2 hours.

  • Product Questions

    How much nicotine is there in snus?
    Normal snus sold in Sweden has about 0.8 - 0.9mg/g nicotine. This is the kind of snus swedes use all day. Over the last few years different manufacturers have started making stronger snus, most likely because stronger snus can replace a cigarette by providing a nicotine kick of a similar level.

    How many portions of snus are there in a can?
    Portion snus has 15 to 24 pouches per can. The lowest number of pouches is in Odens (15) and highest in Kapten (24).

    How long does a portion/pouch last?
    One pouch lasts from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the user and the brand.

    What are snus pouches made of?
    The pouch is a non-woven paper pouch, similar to the material used in tea bags.

    What is the strongest snus?
    Siberia has the most nicotine per portion. See Siberia Extremely Strong.

    What is the mildest snus?
    Kapten makes great mild snuses. For very enjoyable low-nicotine snus see Kapten brand snus selection.

    What are dry/wet (white/original) pouches?
    Different snus have different amounts of moisture which affects how fast/slow nicotine and flavor are released. Wet (original) releases nicotine and flavor more quickly. Dry, or white as most snus producers call it, has a slower nicotine and flavor release.

  • Snus Basics

    How do you use snus?
    Snus pouch is placed inside your mouth, between your gum and cheek. Before inserting it, fluff it first by rolling it in between your thumb and index finger. This makes the snus softer and more pleasant to use (especialy Odens snus really benefits from a good softening!). After you're done with a portion, there's a place for it in the snus can under its lid so you can get rid of a pouch in a tidy manner even if there's no trash can nearby.

    Do I need to spit?
    No, there's no spitting involved when using snus. Spitting is for American-style chewing tobacco.

    Are there any benefits to using loose snus vs snus portions?
    Loose snus has a clearer nicotine release & flavor and overall the whole snus experience is much nicer. However, loose snus is also a lot messier, which is why most snus users prefer to use pouches.

    Why do so many athletes use snus?
    From footballers like James Vardy to F1 drivers like Kimi Raikkonen, many world class athletes use snus. They use snus because they get to enjoy the tobacco flavor and nicotine rush without the performance-lowering effects that inhaling cigarette smoke causes you. Athletes also like to use snus because it allows you to relax after all the hard workouts and matches. Taxfreesnus.com delivers snus to many professional athletes of different sports.

    Can I use snus on a plane/train/bus/bar/night club...?
    Of course! One of the main reasons snus is becoming more popular outside of Sweden is that you can use it anywhere. Even vaping (electronic cigarettes) are banned in many places (like planes). Snus is the only form of high-quality tobacco you can use absolutely anywhere.

  • Snus vs Other (Oral) Tobacco

    How is snus different from snuff?
    Snuff is a low-quality oral tobacco product. Swedish snus is different from other types of oral tobacco due to its higher quality upheld by Swedish National Food Agency.

    How is snus different from nordic chew?
    Nordic chew is a new product similar to snus. The main difference between the two is that in nordic chew the tobacco has been cut, whereas in snus it's ground to a fine powder. Because the tobacco pieces are much bigger in nordic chew the manufacturers instruct you to gently chew the pouches when you use them.

    Snus vs vaping
    Vaping (e-cigarettes) involves inhaling smoke (vapor). Because they emit smoke, e-cigarettes are usually treated the same as normal cigarettes and therefore banned in many public places including public transport like airplanes, trains and so on. The main benefit of snus over vaping is that you can use snus absolutely anywhere.

  • Free Hotel Delivery in Andorra

    Travelling to Andorra? Let us know and we'll deliver your order directly to your hotel.

    We deliver all orders of 100€ or more to any address in Andorra for free.

    If you're heading to Andorra to hit the slopes or hike in the mountains, you can enjoy fresh Swedish snus. Simply contact our customer service and we'll arrange your order delivered directly to you at your hotel or holiday apartment. Check in to your hotel or holidaiy apartment and pick up a bagful of snus!

    This delivery service is especially enjoyed by our customers in countries like France, Spain and Finland ("tervetuloa ostamaan nuuskaa netistä" our Finnish fans) where you can't order snus online.

  • Swedish Match, Epok and Thunder Snus

    To our customers looking for Swedish Match, Epok, Skruf or Thunder snus:
    Unfortunately Swedish Match, Epok and Skruf products can't be sold online. Furthermore, we don't currently carry Thunder. However, we have excellent high-quality alternatives for all these brands.

    Here's what we recommend as a replacement.

    Swedish Match recommendations:
    General White: Kapten Vit
    General Original: Odens Original
    Göteborgs Rapé: Kapten White Juniper
    General Lös: Odens Original Lös
    General Extra Stark Lössnus: Odens Extra Stark Lös
    Ettan Lös: Odens no 3 Lös

    Skruf recommendations:
    Skruf Stark White: Kapten Extra Strong Vit

    Thunder recommendations:
    Thunder (all flavors including Forsted Ultra Strong): Powerful snus like Siberia and Sisu

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