• Flavour Spearmint
  • Portion size Standard
  • Strength 3. Extreme
  • Portions 15
  • Manufacturer GN Tobacco
  • Portion weight 1 gram
  • Nicotine 43 mg/g
  • Product weight 130 g
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Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY STRONG WD Portion

35.90 € 38.90 € 3.59 € per can
  • Flavour Spearmint
  • Portion size Standard
  • Strength 3. Extreme
  • Portions 15
  • Manufacturer GN Tobacco
  • Portion weight 1 gram
  • Nicotine 43 mg/g
  • Product weight 130 g

Siberia -80 Extreme is the strongest product on the market! It has the highest nicotine content and a very well balanced spearmint flavour. Buy Siberia Extreme now from Taxfreesnus and enjoy the cheapest price online with UK/EU/worldwide shipping included!

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Product details
Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY STRONG WD Portion
Very strong snus, very good taste, bags are high quality. Earlier I used U sample no5 this snus is once strongest than u sample. I recommend. Shipping to Poland took two weeks. Thanks for this.
Kamil M. 09 Nov. 2020
Best snus long time
I love the flavor but its really strong and everyone around you can easily smell it. Its really long lasting and refreshing every time.
Vazul C. 10 Sept. 2020
Very strong and long lasting
It is truly the strongest product of snis I ever tasted. Has smooth kick in and after half an hour if I forget about pouch under my lip it makes me a little motionless "veggie". My advice is to have Siberia with variations of different snus of lover dosages, because in most of the cases it is too much to handle when you just thirsty for a bit of nicotine.
Mihails G. 28 July 2020
What can I say about siberia?! Well it is good! Siberia is freakin' good you guys!
Alex R. 24 July 2020
matthew B. 30 May 2020
Great snus
The best snus you can order
Gianni C. 17 Apr. 2020
Delivery problem
Good product but unfortunately took very much time to be delivered
Karel B. 13 Apr. 2020
Simply the best
For me this is the best product on the market and tax free snus is easily the best place to order
Paul D. 03 Apr. 2020
Super Siberia
Nothing to say, the best!
Christian M. 25 March 2020
Very strong - but not as strong as I was expecting
Having seen videos on YouTube, mainly from Americans I was led to believe that this snus leaves you quite giddy and light headed.

I dont find that to be the case but it is definitely very strong. After about an hour, I started to feel a little bit sick so took the pouch out. I bought this primarily for when I'm drinking or.if I need a strong hit in the evenings after work. I'm very happy with it but I couldn't be doing with that tobacco drip all day.

Does what it says on the tin but dont believe the americans, it's not like snorting a line of substance and being absolutely off your bike rack.
Ashley E. 03 March 2020
It has one of the best flavours but u have to keep the cycle because u might concieve a dislike to it. The nicotin hit is amazing too, i think i can say its my favourite.
Siroki M. 26 Feb. 2020
Very Good
very fast shipment to Poland. 4 days . snusy are very fresh and most importantly cheap. fantastic contact seller. recommend
Bartosz N. 29 Jan. 2020
It's perfect!
Fast delivery, perfect quality! Recommend it for everyone!
Ors Mate P. 28 Nov. 2019
Great and fast delivery. Thank you
Norbert O. 15 Nov. 2019
best purchase I've made.
Very fast delivery and outstanding overall service.
will be ordering again very soon.
Mahad A. 31 Oct. 2019
Best strong snus
Andrejs S. 27 Sept. 2019
Bedste snus i verden
Sib rammer lidt hårdt du ved, og det kan jeg godt lide
Esben R. 15 Sept. 2019
Mousa S. 10 Sept. 2019
Nice sized portion, but nicotine content is overrated. , jacobsson's peace ultra or melon ultra have way more of a kick.. Unfortunately they stopped making it.
I like strong snus, but I'm disappointed with siberia. I will buy again as there's no other option for a strong portion snus.
Alexander M. 06 Sept. 2019
Che buone
Le già. Provate sono molto potenti in confronto delle broun io le consiglio per chi a stomaco meglio andare su qualcosa di più leggero per chi incomincia
christian C. 30 Aug. 2019
great product
but not strong enough
abdulaziz A. 29 July 2019
Best site
Best site coz obvi it’s tax free which makes my purchases much cheaper compared to other.
Shakira I. 10 July 2019
price quality
the price and quality match; the order is made on the weekend on Monday I received a notification of shipment; on Saturday I was already holding a purchase, 100% trust
Dorin O. 18 May 2019

Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY STRONG WD Portion review:

One of the strongest snus products in the world is the well-known „red Siberia“.

This cold-war themed can design is really a work of art.

Strong and tingling aroma of spearmint blows into your nostrils, quickly wakes you up and...gosh, that’s really strong!

The nicotine level of astonishing 42mg/g hits you with immediate effect. Together with a really strong spearmint taste, freezingly-cooling and burning sensation.

It’s not for the weak, but you who can handle it will absolutely dig it.

This stuff is no joke and it doesnt play games. So...are you ready for some Siberia kick?

P. Hanovec

  • Flavour Spearmint
  • Portion size Standard
  • Strength 3. Extreme
  • Portions 15
  • Manufacturer GN Tobacco
  • Portion weight 1 gram
  • Nicotine 43 mg/g
  • Product weight 130 g

Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY STRONG WD Portion delivery times:

  • Deutschland 4-14 tage
  • United Kingdom 4-14 days
  • Danmark 4-30 dage
  • Latvija 4-30 dienas
  • Nederland 4-14 dagen
  • Italia 4-14 giorni
  • Česká republika 4-14 dnů
  • Magyarország 4-30 napok
  • Lietuva 4-30 dienos
  • Polski 4-30 dni
  • Belgium 4-14 days
  • България 4-30 дни
  • Hrvatska 4-30 dana
  • Κύπρος 4-30 ημέρες
  • Malta 4-30 jiem
  • Κύπρος 4-30 ημέρες
  • Japan 7-30 days
  • Luxemburg 4-14 tage
  • Portugal 3-14 dias
  • Slovensko 4-14 dni
  • Slovenija 4-14 dnevi
  • Switzerland 4-14 days
  • Türkiye 4-30 günler
  • Thailand 7-30 days
  • Canada 8-30 days
  • China 7-30 days
  • United Arab Emirates 7-30 days
  • Other european countries 3-30 days
  • Other countries of the world 7-60 days
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