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Not sure which snus packs the biggest punch? Our selection of powerful, long-lasting, and deliciously strong snus, has been hand-selected with ultimate strength and quality in mind. We only stock top snus brands, at the best prices you’ll find anywhere online (and free delivery), so you can enjoy the strongest snus buzz with the rest taken care of. If extra-strong nicotine pouches are more your thing, we’ve got you covered too. 

How strong is snus?

Snus comes in a range of strengths, just like nicotine pouches do. You’ll find nicotine content described in all of our products, in mg/g - in other words, the milligrams per gram of nicotine. 

Brands also style their products, and grade them for strength, often referring to the highest strength snus as ‘extreme’ or ‘extra strong’ varieties. Each brand is different and offers products at varying levels of nicotine content - so it’s best to always read the packaging and product description carefully. 

What’s more, the flavour itself will impact how strong the snus feels to you. The minty or menthol flavours are known to give a stronger, almost tingling sensation, and feel more intense than say the sweeter or fruity snus varieties. You might even feel a head rush! 

Best strong snus brands

If you’re searching for the very strongest snus on the market, you’ll want to try Siberia snus. They’re known for their extreme nicotine strength (be warned, these really pack a punch!), and with ice-cold flavours they’re a delicious and classic choice of snus. We stock extra strong Siberia snus, all the way up to the most extreme strength. 

Check out Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY STRONG WD Portion and Siberia Slim -80°C Degrees White Dry - our bestsellers in this category of snus (each contain 43mg/g of nicotine content). 

Less strong but still up there, Oden’s snus offer extra strong snus options in a range of fruity and minty flavours you might want to try out for your next snus experience. Why not taste our popular Oden’s Cold Extreme White Dry Portion snus - extra strong with 22mg/g of nicotine in a deliciously fresh spearmint flavour. 

How strong is Siberia snus?

Considering the brand was inspired by cold Siberian winters - pretty strong! Each Siberia snus product in our range holds 43 mg/g of nicotine, (apart from the Siberia Ice Cold Power White snus, which has a weaker - though still quite high - 24 mg/g of nicotine). Siberia snus are known for being some of the strongest snus around, so be warned if you haven’t tried these kinds of portion snus before, you might want to try something milder at first. 

Why shop with TaxFreeSnus for your extra strong snus

We know snus, and so we only stock the freshest products from the very best brands. We also sell our snus at the cheapest prices you’ll find anywhere online! With free delivery on all orders and secure tracked shipping - you know you'll get your snus when you need them, with none of the hassle.

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