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Siberia is a one of a kind snus/chew bags. The main singularity is that the product has an extremely high nicotine content and so each portion contains a high level of nicotine compared to regular strength products. The Siberia products have a well-balanced moisture level without being neither too drenched nor too dry. The White Portion products are dry enough to minimize dripping and prolong flavour release, but moist enough to feel pleasant under the lip.
Siberia is the strongest and most powerful Swedish snus / chew bag you can find today but it’s not a product for beginners or for people who are sensitive to nicotine!

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Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY... Extreme ON SALE!Save 5.00 €

Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY STRONG WD Portion

Price 33.90  38.90 € 3.39 € per can
Siberia -80°C ICE COLD... Extra strong ON SALE!Save 5.00 €

Siberia -80°C ICE COLD POWER White Portion

Price 33.90  38.90 € 3.39 € per can
Siberia SLIM -80 Degrees... Extreme ON SALE!Save 3.00 €

Siberia SLIM -80 Degrees White Dry

Price 35.90  38.90 € 3.59 € per can