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Inspired by cold Siberian winters, our range of Siberia snus is perfect for those who enjoy super strong tobacco and complex menthol flavours. They pack a spicy punch with a delicious spearmint aftertaste. And with a nicotine strength that’s up to 5 times higher than other brands, these Siberian snus kick like a mule!

How much nicotine do Siberia snus pouches hold?

If you’re familiar with the snus community, chances are you’ve heard that Siberia snus are considered to be the benchmark for ultra-high nicotine strength. Each Siberia snus product in our collection holds 43 mg/g of nicotine. The only exception to this is the Siberia Ice Cold Power White snus, which has a weaker (though still quite high) figure of 24 mg/g of nicotine. 

Be warned, if you’re new to tobacco products or are sensitive to nicotine, we recommend trying some of our other milder products first. Snus users who are wary of such a strong nicotine pouch may prefer to use it once a day, either after a good meal or paired with a few beers.

GN Tobacco 

The parent brand of Siberia snus is GN Tobacco. They’ve been active in the snus market for more than a decade, and have launched over 80 different varieties of products that have reached a million users. It’s safe to say that GN knows a thing or two about manufacturing high-quality tobacco products – like Odens snus, which deliver a great balance of price and quality.

With Siberia snus, GN Tobacco delivers super strong snus that are balanced with the perfect level of moisture – these portions are dry enough to minimise dripping but moist enough to prolong the flavour release.

Buy Siberia snus online – fast delivery

We provide next-day delivery service for our UK customers, and deliver within 3 to 6 days for our European customers. And you can rest assured that with TaxFreeSnus you not only get the best prices, but the freshest snus. We store and pack snus in our custom-made cold rooms in our warehouse, so that the snus retain their flavour for longer.

How strong are Siberia snus?

That depends on the variant you purchase. Most of the Siberia snus have an extremely high nicotine strength of 43 mg/g. However, there are variants that have a nicotine strength of 24 mg/g (though this too is quite high). Siberia snus are known for being some of the strongest snus on the market.

Siberia Snus from TaxFreeSnus

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Siberia -80°C Extremely Strong WD Portion Extreme

Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY STRONG WD Portion

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Siberia -80°C ICE COLD... Extra strong

Siberia -80°C ICE COLD POWER White Portion

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Siberia Slim -80°C Degrees White Dry Extreme

Siberia Slim -80°C Degrees White Dry

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