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Yet another Swedish snus offering from GN Tobacco, this time with some history to it. Back when GN Tobacco first rolled out their snus products, this was originally called Olde Viking. Later on, the name was changed to Olde Ving and the flavour line-up was completely revised.

The products they make today are just as good as GN’s other brands such as Odens and Siberia; you get the same balance of excellent quality, taste, and price.

These portions are generously packed and weigh about one gram each; fluff them up a little and you’re all set. They’re on the dry side, which many snus users like as it allows for a longer-lasting flavour.

Sweet and Earthy Flavour Profile

If you’re someone who loves a mix of tobacco and dessert-style flavours like coffee, vanilla, fudge, and melons, you’re in for a surprise. This brand is home to some of the most well made sweet flavours on the market.

They aren’t overly flavourful, neither are they too neutral; what you get is a well-balanced taste that lets you acknowledge and appreciate the soft, round tobacco notes as well.

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