• Flavour Wintergreen
  • Portion size Slim
  • Strength 3. Extreme
  • Portions 15-16
  • Manufacturer GN Tobacco
  • Number of cans 10
  • Nicotine 22 mg/gram

Odens Wintergreen Extreme Slim WD

32.90 € 3.29 € per can
  • Flavour Wintergreen
  • Portion size Slim
  • Strength 3. Extreme
  • Portions 15-16
  • Manufacturer GN Tobacco
  • Number of cans 10
  • Nicotine 22 mg/gram

Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Slim snus offers a strong and aromatic tobacco mix, high nicotine content with cold/crisp aromas of wintergreen. SLIM PORTIONS!

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Product details
An honest review of Oden's Extreme Wintergreen Slim Snus
Hey guys, Connor from The Snus Lords here,

Now, me and a buddy of mine purchased a log of Oden's Extreme Wintergreen Slim because we felt like a little something new, we usually are all about our Siberia Blue and Sisu Extreme White Dry, but we figured "Hey, this stuffs new.....and on sale.....why the hell not!" so we picked this stuff up for €32.90.

First impression when it arrived was of a little confusion, usually on a snus can, you have your little spent tray on the top (you know what I'm talking about, that little closed off section where you can put your spent portions when you're sat on a bus/plane/train without making the people around you sick because you just pulled a gooey brown pouch out of your face). Now on the Oden's Extreme Wintergreen Slims, this little tray is actually on the bottom!

Weird right? Usually that's up top! But anyways, we got over that pretty quick, after all we're not doing this because we like the cans, we're doing this because we want that sweet, sweet snus on the inside! So what did we do?

I'll tell you.

WE CRACKED THAT SOB OPEN! We cracked those cans like a man that hasn't eaten for days getting his hands on a tin of beans! We cracked those cans like Indiana Jones cracks that whip! And as soon as we busted open those cans, like a man just out of prison busts......the doors of a church open to pray (get your mind out of that gutter damn it!), we smelt it, a very familiar smell, kinda like Listerine mouth wash for all you that don't know what Wintergreen tastes like (or Wantagraan as our buddies over in the southwestern states of America call it). And we can only think about grabbing a prilla and getting our nicotine buzz on!

Nothing too special in terms of looks if you're used to white dry portions, they're pretty dry, pretty white (duh) and pretty papery, I've had softer white dry portions before, but this stuff is pretty par for the course.

When you put 'er on in, again nothing too special, the same sort of feeling of a slim white dry portion, but the sensation is different than the classic point of reference, Epok. The sensation is an immediate burn on the gums, as is standard with your minty white dry stuff, but it fades quicker than most I've encountered, probably about 10 to 30 seconds, maybe a minute if its your first prilla in a while.

Giving it a little poke with the tongue once the burn settles down rewards you with a similar taste to Listerine, mmmm, classic wintergreen (sorry wantagraan, sorry 'muricans), and that nice little nicotine burn on the tongue that reminds you that this stuff is packing a solid 22mg of nicotine per portions. Quick note of reference for you smokers out there, cigarettes have about 0.9mg of nicotine in them.

Next thing to talk about is lasting time, at the time of writing, I've had a portion of this stuff in for about an hour and a half and its still going strong, getting a little juicy, but still got that nicotine feeling and got a faint tinge of wintergreen about it. It definitely starts to fade out after about 45 minutes to an hour, but that first 3 quarters of an hour you've got that nice wintergreen taste going strong. The nicotine buzz is strongest for about the first 25 - 30 minutes, but is still noticeably there until about the 90 minute mark when it becomes harder to tell.

On removal, this stuff is about as messy as you'd expect for snus, so make sure you keep a tissue handy to wipe them fingers down from all that snus juice, but doesn't stain your fingers or teeth so long as you wipe your fingers with a tissue after you take it out and give your mouth a good swill out with some water, or in my case coffee!

All in all, I've got to be honest, this stuff is good, but I've never been the biggest fan of wintergreen, maybe I've not tried the right wintergreen snus, but that's just me. Flavour stays strong for a while, nicotine buzz stays strong for longer and its not uncomfortable to pack a prilla in. Having the slims makes it easy to control and know that you don't look like you've been in a dust up, with a swollen lip when you're heading off to a meeting, which is particularly useful for both myself and my buddy in the office environment where we work.

Final marks and TL;DR. Good stuff, 7 and a half outta 10, good flavour, good nicotine buzz, lasts a while without getting too messy or too juicy.
Connor D. 09 Oct. 2018

Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Slim has strong and aromatic tobacco mixture with chilling aromas of wintergreen. Extremely strong nicotine experience in dry portions and with lower moisture content in the snus = runs less than usual "White” portions and lasts longer. The slim portion feels comfortable and discreet under the lip.

  • Flavour Wintergreen
  • Portion size Slim
  • Strength 3. Extreme
  • Portions 15-16
  • Manufacturer GN Tobacco
  • Number of cans 10
  • Nicotine 22 mg/gram

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