SISU Extreme White Dry

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SISU Extreme White Dry

Manufacturer: AG Snus
Flavour: Spearmint
Portion size: Standard
Strength: Extreme
Portions: 15-16
Nicotine content: 20 mg per portion

Sisu is an extremely strong white dry Snus with spearmint and menthol flavor that gives an ultra minty sensation in the mouth. Providing 20 mg of nicotine per portion Sisu is a great choice for all strong Snus lovers. By using a new unique process the nicotine release is quick and extremely high. Sisu is a great quality Snus in an attractive price offering best value for money.


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Sisu Extreme white dry review:

Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.

These are not clouds, these are Sisu portions. Touch them. Did you feel it? No?

That’s what it’s all about. Sisu extreme is the softest portion on the market. Yes, there are comfortable and more comfortable portions, but these are as smooth as a cloud.

The smell is a really nice and fresh peppermint with a little bit of menthol.

The taste is the same, really cooling peppermint flavour with some menthol, really refreshing stuff.

It lasts up to two hours, so the longevity on this one is absolutely perfect. The flavour stays present for the whole time. Combine it with an extra strong level of nicotine, this is a Snus that you want to pull off an all-nighter.

It is great both as a stand-alone snus or with some mint or chamomile tea, even with some icy water.

If you are a fan of mint snuses, definitely give it a shot, because it is really, really good in every aspect.

P. Hanovec

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