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SISU is a Snus brand manufactured by AG Snus. Using a new process technology, the SISU Extreme White Dry Portion Snus offers a fast and efficient nicotine and taste release. AG Snus claims the effect of the nicotine even matches the strongest products on the market. The flavour of the Sisu Snus comes from menthol crystals that give a sharp and clear tone of spearmint. The crystals also provide a long lasting and evenly distributed flavour and nicotine experience.

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SISU Wintergreen Super... Extreme

SISU Wintergreen Super Strong WD

Price 30.90  33.90 € 3.09 € per can
SISU Extreme White Dry Extreme

SISU Extreme White Dry

Price 33.90  3.39 € per can
SISU Original The Emperor Extra strong

SISU Original The Emperor

Price 33.90  3.39 € per can