SISU is a snus brand by AG Snus — an Assens Tobaksfabrik company. With a focus on manufacturing premium quality white dry portions, SISU is making waves in the market when it comes to material quality and mouthfeel.

In case you’re wondering, the name SISU is Finnish for “determination and bravery” — something you’re going to need if you’re trying to go off smoking cigarettes!

These portions are short, stout, and weigh in at a healthy one gram each. Another good thing about these is that they’re not overly strong; not as strong as Odens, and nowhere close to as strong as Siberia. This allows you to enjoy the portions without feeling nic'd out.

SISU Snus: Smooth as Silk

When it comes to material selection, AG Snus has cracked the code; these portions are some of the softest, silkiest you’ll find anywhere, and they feel supremely comfortable when in use.

They are a bit on the dry side, however, but that also means that there’s low drip and a long-lasting nicotine release.

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