Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY STRONG WD Portion


Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY STRONG WD Portion

Manufacturer: GN Tobacco
Flavour: Spearmint
Portion size: Standard
Strength: Extreme
Portions: 15
Portion weight: 1 gram
Nicotine content: 43 mg/g
Snus per can: 13 grams

Siberia -80 extreme has the highest nicotine content on the market and a very well balanced spearmint flavor.

38,90€ For 10 cans (3,89€ per can)

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Siberia -80°C EXTREMELY STRONG WD Portion review:

One of the strongest nordic chew products in the world is the well-known „red Siberia“.

This cold-war themed can design is really a work of art.

Strong and tingling aroma of spearmint blows into your nostrils, quickly wakes you up and...gosh, that’s really strong!

The nicotine level of astonishing 42mg/g hits you with immediate effect. Together with a really strong spearmint taste, freezingly-cooling and burning sensation.

It’s not for the weak, but you who can handle it will absolutely dig it.

This stuff is no joke and it doesnt play games. So...are you ready for some Siberia kick?

P. Hanovec

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