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Our Shiro brand nicotine pouches are now discontinued, but we stock other best-selling nicotine pouches brands at the best prices you can shop online right here. Find your new favourite today - with free delivery worldwide!

This is one of the newest offerings by AG Snus — a company that has its roots deep into the tobacco consumption timeline, dating all the way back to 1864. They believe that innovation is inevitable and that keeping up with the times and the market’s needs is vital for business.

This, along with soaring demand for tobacco-free nicotine products led them to launch Shiro; which stands for white in Japanese. The name checks out because they make some of the cleanest, all-white nicopods on the market.

These nicopods are just like traditional snus, except they’re made of a completely different substance — plant fiber. These portions do not contain any tobacco, but provide the same nicotine delivery you’re used to with regular portions.

If you’re looking to go off tobacco products like cigarettes, chew bags, or dip, all-white nicopods are your best bet. They allow you to gradually quit tobacco, without having to experience any withdrawal symptoms.

Shiro Nicotine Pouches vs Regular Snus: Difference Explained

The difference between the two is simple; nicopods contain a mixture of plant-based fiber and tobacco-derived nicotine — not the same thing as tobacco. Regular portions, however, contains moist, powdered tobacco.

Both products can be used to ingest nicotine orally, however, nicopods are a safer alternative. Even though smokeless tobacco products have helped countless smokers to quit smoking cigarettes, nothing changes the fact that tobacco is a harmful, addictive substance.

Nicotine pouches are not as addictive as tobacco, you can use them to gradually wean yourself off tobacco portions, cigarettes, and even vaping.

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Shiro Cool Mint Strong Slim Strong

Shiro Cool Mint Strong Slim

Price 38.90  3.89 € per can
Shiro Virginia Classic Slim Standard

Shiro Virginia Classic Slim

Price 38.90  3.89 € per can
Shiro True North Slim Extra strong

Shiro True North Slim

Price 38.90  3.89 € per can
Shiro Mojito Standard

Shiro Mojito

Price 38.90  3.89 € per can
Shiro Cuba Libre Standard

Shiro Cuba Libre

Price 38.90  3.89 € per can